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Haiti Mission Trip 2017

Pictures & Video below


​2017 Haiti Mission Trip was a complete success!! 

 There were countless SOULS SAVED for, women & children!

*  VBS was taught by Gail Bain and Jewels Warren.

*  Paul Pecott gave a message to the adults.

*  Kim Burks-Polland worked with Dondy Alexis, St-ulysse Ebents and Bervens Berson at a medical clinic.

*  Becky Hammond was so vital helping me with freight and pitching in everywhere we needed her especially at the Vision Clinic we held in both Monac and Cayhonde. Over a 100 pairs of reading glasses and prescription glasses were donated by supporters and Watchman Broadcasting WBPI (Dorothy Spaulding)

*  Katelyn Ketelaar gave a seminar on how to use the seed trays (40 lbs of seed trays!!) donated by Florida Cactus owners Mike and Gordon. Seventeen pounds (17 lbs) of seed indigenous to Haitian region were donated by Hope Seeds. 

   We distributed 35 of Solar Audio Bible in Haitian Creole...some from Galcom Internation and others from Dr Charles Stanley (Thank you, Brenda Reed Cooper)

   We were able to see the completed Psalm139LOVE Cooking Center. We painted a big purple heart and hand-prints from the team, children and others. 

   For the children, we gave out 358 lbs of goodies existing of backpacks, school supplies, 60 pairs of The Shoe That Grows, children's toothpaste & toothbrushes, baby clothes, boy clothes, homemade girl dresses, children's Haitian Creole Bibles, children's musical instruments and Beanie Babies!! 

(Thank you supporters, Neiman Marcus and Domino's Promise Sewing Club) 

   For the widows, we gave a big luncheon at the Church at Maranatha (Thank you Tammy Jureski), praise, worship, dance and Bible lesson! The widows look forward to these luncheons every year. They know how to have church and they enjoy the fellowship of other sister in-the-Lord they haven't seen for a while.

We met the new owners of a huge garden area that will bless three families because of a portable irrigation pump and hose that was donated! We held two Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation seminars ( Thank you Doug Carlson) and gave out Hope Seeds to be able to start them off.

   We dedicated the well house in Monac that was generously donated by Jeanette Secor.

   Last year, we were able to have a fresh water well dug for that village of 1500+  whom have NEVER seen water from a pipe or tasted fresh clean water. What a blessing! The well covering will protect it from the elements and abuse.

   We were able to see first hand the broken well next to the church in Cayhonde fixed! 

The Pastor and I were able to pump the first gush of water!!

Cayhonde is a village of approx 4000+ people. They had two wells installed years ago but they broke and nobody came to fix. Psalm139LOVE was able to install a brand NEW well and fixed the other two that were broke. Those wells are the only source of water they have!! 

We also saw single mom, Mirlande (a new babe in Christ) and her little children, 3 yr old Kervens (severely handicapped)  and baby Leyla. We've been fixing up her house with more rock and tin roof. We surprised her this trip with a cement floor and paint. Haitians love painted houses but paint is difficult to buy when you have no money and live hours from civilization.

   We also held a plus a surprise birthday party for Borgella Jodelin. He's never had a birthday party so he was pleasantly surprised! 

   We had house worship one night with Pastor Saul at his brother's house. Two former voodoo witch doctors (Pastor Dabou and Nelson) now saved and serving Jesus gave their testimonies. 

   I was blessed to have so many wonderfully gifted and talented people on my team. We were all in unity with no drama. They poured their heart out with love and compassion for my Haitian families in Monac, Bohoc and Cayhonde.   The Lord truly brought together this team! God Bless each one! 

I was blessed to have my husband, for the first time, come on this mission trip with me.  I discovered he is a male version of me. ha ha He loved it there and enjoyed all the people and the people enjoyed him too. His heart has grown bigger for Haiti since his eye witness account of the needs there. 

And I'd like to say a special THANK YOU to all our faithful supporters of this ministry. We strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti. We cannot do this without you! Please share our page with your friends, your Pastor ,your church etc. We're looking for monthly partners. No amount is too small and much can get accomplished in His Name! 

God Bless you and thank you for another successful Mission.

Pictures and videos will soon be coming...we have LOTS!!!

In His Loving Kindness, 

Amanda Pecott

Fun Little Video of The Start of our Mission Trip Sept 2017

Pray for us as we prepare for our next trip Feb 27 - Mar 5, 2018!!

Psalm139LOVE ~ Haiti Mission Trip Story 2017

We Are Gathered Together...In Jesus Name!

And The Journey Begins!

The team met at noon Aug 23 (Wed).  Truck, van and cars were loaded with all the freight and luggage for 8 team members and made our way to Ft Pierce to unload 1400 lbs of freight at Mission Flights International (MFI). We then checked into our hotel and ate the Cracker Barrel for our "Last Supper." LOL Great meal and fellowship but we had a early wake up call in the morning!  (Click on picture)

Rise and Shine...Time to Fly!

Early, early morning...time to be about our Father's Business. We gathered our belongings, checked out of our hotel and headed to Missionary Flights International for our flight. They are the greatest! They've been serving missionaries for over 50 yrs!! oh.. When was the last time your pilot prayed for you??  Take a look at some of the pictures of our day!  (Click on the picture)

We finally arrived at our Guesthouse! 

After a long and bumpy 30-40 min ride, we finally arrived at the Guest House in Bohoc, Haiti. We didnt get too many pictures but these will give you some idea.  (Click on the picture)

Market Day to Support Madame Gabriel

As always, we visited the Bohoc market to visit Madame Gabriel and support her in her "store"! She is a good and Godly woman! Take a look at how the remote regions in Haiti do their market. (Click on the picture)

Haitian Hope

We Surprised Mirlande with House Repairs

Mirlande is a new babe in Christ and a young single mother with two adorable children....Kervens (3yrs old) who is severely handicapped and baby Lelya (6 mos). Mirlande and her mother lived in a very rugged hut of sticks and tarps with just partial rock and palm leaf roof. During the rainy season, they would get flooded with mud floors. By the grace of God, they have survived as long as they have. Wilnot Mercier, Founder of Haitian Hope, shared the gospel with Mirlande and she gave her life to Christ. Supporters and Psalm139LOVE felt such compassion for Mirlande . Love was poured out to her and her family. Take a look. (Click on the picture)

Cooking Center Dedicated & Painted! 

Praise The Lord for a very generous donation to build a cooking center for this remote village. As you will see in the pictures, their way of cooking was extremely dangerous for their health. Now they have a secure building for cooking for their family, community or missionaries. 

(Click on the picture)

Time to Gift Goats to Families

It's a very good thing for a Haitian family to own a goat. A nanny goat can provide milk for children and they can breed the nanny to produce more goats to sell at the market so they will have money to buy beans and rice or whatever their family might need. We bought 25 goats to give to needy families and also orphans who are currently staying with a family so it will bless that house! (Click on the picture)

We held a Medical and Eye Clinic

We held a medical clinic for the village. Medical students and our team nurse was able to see many families for their medical needs. We also held an Eye Glass clinic to distribute over 100 donated reading and prescription eye glasses. (Click on the picture)

Teaching..Preaching..Praising...Souls being saved!

We held a VBS for the children, adult men's class, and adult women's class. Many Haitian men, women and children gave their lives to Jesus. Praise The Lord!! (Click on the picture)

Domino's Promise Sewing Club Blesses the Girls

Domino's Promise Sewing Club is a group of awesome Godly, compassionate women who have used their sewing skills to make cool dresses for the Haitian girls. (Click on the picture)

We Blessed the Children!!

Praise The Lord for so many wonderful donations of boy clothes, baby clothes and bibs, personalized backpacks, toothbrushes & toothpaste, school supplies, cups, shoes and children's Haitian Creole Bibles. Thank you to all our faithful compassionate donors who saw a need and met it! God bless you! (Click on the picture)

We Blessed Many with Solar Audio Bibles

With many illiterate and/or blind Haitians, we blessed them with a Solar Audio Bible in Haitian Creole..some from Galcom International and others from Dr Charles Stanley's ministry. ( Click on the picture)

We Dedicated a Well House and Repaired Another

Last year we were able to get fresh running water to Monac...a  village of 1500+. There only source of water was a contaminated water hole. God provided and they now have water. This year, thanks to a generous donation, we were able to build a cement block house to protect it from the elements and abuse.  We dedicated that well house this recent mission trip. In another village of 4000+, Cayhonde, we were able to put in a new well for them and repair two more than had been broken for years.  This well is so important. It's right next to the church and the Pastor's garden. (Click on the picture)

We Blessed the Widows with a Luncheon

Every mission trip, we have a big Widow's Luncheon. There's a little preaching and a lot of eating, singing and dancing. The widows look forward to this every year. It's a wonderful time of fellowship and to get together with friends they haven't seen in a while. (Click on the picture)

We Gave Seminar on Seed Trays and Drip Kits

 Psalm139LOVE  in partnership with Chapin Living Waters hosted a seminar in Cayhonde  and Leodirage on our recent mission trip August 2017. Mr Wilner, an agronomist from Love-a-Child run by Bobby & Sherry Burnette, gave an intensive training on Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation Systems. Each attendee received their own drip kit and packet of seeds donated by Hope Seeds.  (Click on the picture)

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