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Psalm139LOVE Welcomes You!​

Psalm139LOVE is a ministry that strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti,

 providing both spiritual as well as physical nourishment to those who live on less than $2 a day.​​ Please like us on Facebook or for regular updates from Amanda. on her personal page as she is more active there. 

Psalm139Love P.O. Box 5581 Clearwater, FL 33758

Psalm139Love P.O. Box 5581 Clearwater, FL 33758

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A Little Bit About Us

So you would like to know what we are all about? The short version is  1. ​Building Agricultural Training Centers to teach Haitians how to take care of themselves. 2. Cl​ean water by fixing and digging wells as water is life.  3. Evangelism or spreading the Word of God sharing the living water of the Gospel. 

Many of you​ are new donors lately and haven’t seen this video made for Psalm139LOVE by John Lain. It truly is about RELATIONSHIPS that we have in Haiti. Most everyone there is family to us and many have been my dear friends since my very first trip in 2008.God blessed me with a husband, Paul Pecott, that  that is passionate like I am about ministering in Haiti.

We have an amazing team Josh Leventhal, Augustave Anson, Borgella Jodelin, Brunot Jean , Ritho , Bisson, and Madame Elimane that God handpicked and knit us together. We were honored to have had MFI choose Psalm139LOVE last July to follow us one Sunday and film our entire day. Hopefully this gives you a little insight to our ministry. Thanks to all of our donors who trust us with your donations and those who pray for us.

Here are a couple of video's about how we started, some of the things that have been accomplished and plans for the future. Any questions feel free to contact us. Thanks for checking us out and enjoy the video and our website.

Donations & Monthly Supporters

We ​have a variety of projects to choose from for you to donate towards or you can be a monthly supporter. Monthly supporters supply the salaries for the Haitian employees and well as the nuts and bolt​s background costs for the charity as Amanda & Paul do not take a salary.  Please consider even smaller amounts monthly as no amount is too small and goes so far towards helping those less fortunate in Haiti. Thank you for considering support for Psalm 139 Love.

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​​Food Baskets​

On my first mission trip to Haiti in 2008 I started giving out food baskets and it has continued to this day and even more so as we hit a record breaking month in May. Thank you Jesus!

In fact a few months ago I cried out to God and asked Him to expand our territory as there are many mommas who have escaped from the gang warfare in port au prince to come live in the countryside only to find no jobs are available.

Our team is approached daily with folks having gone days with no food and it breaks my heart. We are the only ministry in our area that has a regular food program so we are constantly being asked to help.

We were blessed to give out 35 food baskets to extremely needy families with our focus being in the elderly and the abandoned mothers with children.

A number of these families have been “ adopted” by our friends here that give $100 a month so they have a regular food basket they can count on however many families would live to have a caring soul help them because there are no jobs, no welfare, no government help and no food banks. It’s one thing for adults to skip meals but we are talking many children who go days without anything to eat.

If you would like to “adopt “ a family please message me and I can give you a choice of which one touches your heart. There are many that are praying for someone to love them and help them out . I will personally send you photos of each food basket that went out with your donation plus a little bit of their life story.

Here’s just a few of last months recipients. 

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CLEAN WATER -4 wells repaired in one month!

     Clean water is something we usually take for granted here in America because it’s always there on tap whether we need to shower, wash clothes, drink or use it for cooking-it’s something we don’t think about because it’s always there simply by turning on the tap. This is not the case in Haiti where folks rely on local wells to get water because nobody has running water in their homes. Their day starts out by taking their 5-gallon bucket 🪣 to the local well, filling it up and carrying it home (weighs about 40 pounds when full) or if they are blessed, they have a wheelbarrow (those cost about $100 in Haiti so many hand carry)

 In February we received a generous donation, and our friend says we could use as we see fit. I prayed about it and I clearly heard God tell me CLEAN WATER /WELLS was on His mind. Little did I know EVERY well was broken in our area!! That’s when I heard the Lord tell me there were 5 to fix and so far, 4 of those are now up and running!! We still have 1 that needs to be repaired and is about $2,000 to get it ready.

Here are some videos/photos of the 4 that are completed:) 

The Nicodenes new home has been built! 

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As a ministry we built two houses over 4 years ago and to be honest we didn’t have another thought about trying to build another one., BUT GOD!

I first met Frer Nicodene and his wife about 4 years ago when I visited Haiti. We had been providing a food basket for an elderly blind man named Oldabert who had been living with his brother but when his brother moved away, leaving him behind, there NOBODY left to look after him.

This is when the Nicodenes stepped in and started taking care of him so of course I wanted to meet them personally.

The first time I met them was extremely humbling-here was a family, not related by natural blood, that allowed this little blind man to live with them.

Madame Nicodene cooks, bathes, washes his clothes etc. and is basically a nurse for him. They had 4 children, themselves plus Oldabert living in what would be called a shack at best.

They told me they didn’t have much but they were willing to share because it was the CHRISTIAN thing to do. The day I met them they told me about how they had planned to build a bigger house but that someone stole their big ox in the middle of the night and they were very sad. 

Over the years they have remained faithful to taking care of Oldabert and praising God for what they had-I’ve visited them every time I’ve been in country, and they are a joy to see and always smiling.

The friends of our ministry have seen and heard about them often and praise the Lord that God touched people’s hearts and spoke to THEM about providing a home.


God has blessed them for their faithfulness!

Not only did they get a new home, but Oldabert was blessed with a new metal bed frame, mattress, beautiful bedding and soft new pajamas to sleep in. He told Anson that he felt like a king in paradise!

I’m the next week you’ll see the house with windows and doors which a few donors are providing as it wasn’t in the original cost of the plan we had.

We are now starting to think about expanding our ministry to build small 2-4 bedroom homes once we get solid plans for each size! 

Psalm139LOVE School Visit🥰 

Paul Pecott and I had the chance to hold a board meeting with Pastor Arias along with the teachers and they wanted to share with us and you how they felt about the ministry taking over the school after the other ministry abandoned them.

The teachers RARELY got paid and there wasn’t a hot meal for teachers or children the 3 years the former ministry ran the school -this has all changed thanks to YOU!

The school lunch program is an estimated cost of $6,650 Trinity Hope of Tennessee is who we pay, and they have a director in country that oversees the program. It could be more with the inflation the country is experiencing. It’s about 75% higher prices than I’ve seen in years;(  We still need $3,500 to pay it off.

It breaks down to

31 cents a meal

$40 a day

$800 a month

To feed 120 kids, 6 teachers and 4 cooks. to donate or become a


The Doctor Is In

Dr St-ulysse Ebents was extremely busy while he was with with us the entire week we were in Haiti. He went out with us when we delivered food baskets and saw over 100 folks throughout that time.

However when went to our new Psalm139LOVE school in monac-he saw 70+ patients in one day all by himself! And had medicine for EVERY SINGLE ONE ❤️

A big thank you to every friend of ours who has donated towards our medical outreach! to donate or become a


Food Basket Delivery

Praise the Lord because in this mission trip we were able to distribute over 30 food baskets!!

Here is one of our faves.

Paul and I stopped by to visit Madame Normil (Job Normil) mom with Dr St-ulysse Ebents and we were HAPPY to give her a food basket. Turns out she’d been out of food for a few weeks;(

She is a GOOD WOMAN -she has her boy Robertho, her daughter passed away about 8 months ago and she now has her 4 grandchildren to take care of plus they took in the little cutie Youdlie (sitting on my lap).

She was a restavik (a child slave) and was treated badly by a woman in a village about two hours away. This woman RESCUED her! Madame Normil mom passed away about a month ago, so she now watches over all of them.

All the kids were in school (they received scholarships from the ministry) except Youdlie who had scabies on her scalp and wasn’t allowed to return til it healed.

We had medicine for that, and the HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Madame Normil has. We gave one month of pills to her.

Folks you are making a real difference in the lives of many Haitians that would not be able to help themselves-THANK YOU! to donate or become a monthly partner 


This is what it’s ALL ABOUT!

As we were heading back from doing a food delivery BISSON had us stop by this man’s house. What happened next was was truly a miracle! His family were all Christian and they told us many missionaries had stopped by to share the gospel but he would NOT receive Jesus.

Today was the day of his salvation!

Pierre Relus is now our brother in Christ-we really feel like this was his last chance as he’s very sick. God is so amazing in guiding us to him. Dr St-ulysse Ebents gave him pain meds but it’s probably a short time he has here in earth.



This is what it’s ALL ABOUT!

As we were heading from doing a food delivery BISSON had us stop by this man’s house.

What happened next was truly a miracle!

His family were all Christian and they told us many missionaries had stopped by to share the gospel, but he would NOT receive Jesus.

Today was the day of his salvation!

Pierre Relus is now our brother in Christ-we really feel like this was his last chance as he’s very sick.

God is so amazing in guiding us to him.

Dr St-ulysse Ebents gave him pain meds but it’s probably a short time he has here in earth.



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A​ little over a year and a half ago we had a Charles Stanley Solar Audio Bible given to the young boy you see in the photo who was named Jolin.

We sent him to the hospital but unfortunately, he had stage 4 bone cancer that had metastasized throughout his body.

We bought him a mattress, body cushion, a radio and Josh brought items we ordered that would occupy his mind like books in creole and a paint set plus showered him with cards that showed love and support for those praying for him in America.

Unfortunately, he passed away but not before he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior along with his mom and 50 others in the village!

We sent Pastors Azelin and Barnabas to continue discipleship and on each trip we have taken there 50+ have come into the family of Christ.

Josh felt lead that his church The Olive Tree Messianic Fellowship would want to be involved and they bought the land the church now sits in.

Dr Kynan Bridges from Grace and Peace Global Fellowship asked our super supporter Winnie what she needed and when she told him about building the need for a church, he donated the $5,000 it cost to build it.

Josh brought a team from his church in Tennessee and they dedicated one week of their mission trip in helping with facilitating this project. They put their sweat equity in and helped the Haitian masons and carpenters and even the entire village chipped in!

We were able to dedicate the church in the recent trip we took in August of 2022.

Jolins grandma who was rejecting the gospel on every trip.


If you would like to donate to this or any of our other projects please go to thank you.

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Samantas husband left her while she was still in the hospital having their 3rd baby -sold the land around her stick and cement home for $250 and abandoned them,

When she got out, she was told that if she could come up with the $250, she could buy her land back.

Thanks to David-Maxine Balsbaugh of #hopeseedsinternational and the MUSTARD SEED PROJECT they bought her land back! The ministry bought her all the necessary tools and

Agro Louis Ritho along with agro Borgella Jodelin and agro Brunot Jean they built her garden.

As you can see in the video, she just harvested the corn 🌽 and in between the corn she has sweet potatoes 🍠 growing -WOWZERS!!

Every single inch is being used and she can now start making money which will help her to be self-sufficient. This is a very successful widows garden and I’m so proud of our team!


If you would like to donate to this or any of our other projects please go to thank you.

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​​School Lunch Program​

We are very excited to announce we will be operating our first ever Psalm139LOVE school in Monac. This is the village where we began working and drilled our very first well back in 2015. We have maintained a great relationship with Pastor Arias and the folks there and we now have the unique opportunity to run the beautiful school there after the ministry that built it pulled out of the area.

We have approached it a bit differently and have the 5 teachers on a guaranteed monthly salary so all the children can come to school for free.

The next step was how to feed 110 children a day-we were referred to Trinity Hope out of Tennessee and talked with the director about their school lunch program that has been working in Haiti with huge success.

For a grand total of $6,000 which breaks down to $600 a month (about 30 cents a meal) we would drive our military truck to the food depot in the next town over in Hinche at the beginning of the month, drop off the food at our beautiful cooking center we built in 2016, and be secured.

Trinity Hope will provide a director who will come twice a month for oversight, he will weigh each child and determine the portion for each student and make sure the food is being used properly.

The parents will be bringing the charcoal or wood needed to cook the food, help prepare the meals or work in the community garden we have just built-this way they are putting their “skin in the game” ;)

This is an organization we are very excited to partner with and will be meeting with our regional director on our upcoming trip! to donate and please put lunch so we know your intentions. Thank you.

March Pastors Conference

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PSALM139LOVE held its first ever Pastors seminar which was a 2-day event where 50 pastor and leaders from as far away as two hours joined together, at A​EM Church.

Winnie Saringo Ashwood Phil and Hennry James Idleburgh taught on being a preacher's kid/wife, end times, bible prophecy, and prayer.

At the end of the conference, I was so happy that we could give everyone who attended a few neckties, a Charles Stanley Solar Audio Bible and Ben who was there on behalf of Hope Seeds International and David-Maxine Balsbaugh gave each attendee a family pack of seeds. 

We would love to have you partner with us on a nightly basis and you can do that by going to or you can donate to any project of your choice.

A big thank you to those who shared the gospel, to winnie who really stepped up and helped fundraise to pay the food costs and to my dear friend Pastor Donacien Azelin for arranging everything in country.


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​​Miracle of the Hoop House​

Josh Leventhal Paul Pecott Susan Stewart and I were in Haiti in January….

When we tried to arrange to get the parts needed for this hoop house everyone says it couldn’t be done.,

1. The shade cloth is custom made by only one provider and they usually took 7 weeks to make it. BUT GOD! After I called them and explained what we were doing in Haiti it was ready in TWO WEEKS because they out a rush order on it!

2.The special components have been hard to find and then require 12 hours of labor that Sustainable Food Productions SFP lead by Joe Perkins and his crew work on. They managed to find EVERYTHING and supplied our kit! Thank you guys!

 3. Many missionaries in Haiti need both of these items  but it’s been next to impossible to find the metal poles and right size PVC pipes.

BUT GOD! A big thank you to Jonathan Euler who bought ALL of the poles and pipes needed whole buying his own for his hoop house by going to Cap Haitian twice! This is a long journey and he couldn’t find all he needed on one trip. He willingly put it on his credit card knowing we’d pay him when we could get the money to him. Missionaries working with missionaries’

4. We walked in faith not having really raised any funds BUT GOD through a massive blessing had a painting sell ( that had been listed for over 9 months) SEL and the proceeds were earmarked for Psalm139LOVE! This really cool painting was donated to Georgeana Ireland gallery and on behalf her daughter Carissa Ireland who has been to Haiti before with another team and then with the ministry of Psalm139LOVE As she has been close friends with Augustave Anson a few years.

On behalf of all the board Barbara Howard, Josh, Paul, me and our Haitian team Anson, Brunot Jean , Borgella Jodelin, Louis Ritho BISSON and Job Normil we say THANK YOU TO GOD FIRST and then to all who made this possible!! Trust me this was nothing short of a miracle!

Thank you to Missionary Flights International for our partnership because we could fly the shade cloth and parts bag with us!

Thank you to Many Hands for Haiti who has a pro team that assembled it in a few days while our guys could learn at the seminars ❤️

Winnie Saringo Ashwood Phil and Hennry James Idleburgh were with us to see this being built;)

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Praise the Lord!

We held an outreach in bail where I shared my testimony of called tobe a missionary at the age 5 but because I found out later in life that o was conceived from a one night stand, having never met my earthly father I felt abandoned and like I was a mistake-how I turned to alcohol but was delivered and have been sober 21 years-and how God told me to read Psalm139 one night and how that ministered to me that He created me and He was my true Father.

There were some elderly men along with many others including children ( 51 total) who accepted Jesus!!

Susan Stewart followed up with what it’s like to be in a real relationship now that they accepted Jesus. How to keep praying and believing that He truly loves them in such a special way.

Pastors Donacien, Azelin, Barnabas, Formilus have been in this village since we helped a little boy named Jolin who had bone cancer and passed away.

Augustave Anson translated passionately, and I think he has the anointing for Pastor!

Paul, Josh, Karens and Brunot were there to support all that went on.

We thank Calvary Chapel Fellowship (our home church) for sponsoring this outreach!!

Without them this couldn’t have been done.

Thank you, Pastor Danny Hodges and Wendy;)