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Future Home of the Agricultural Training Center - Pignon, Haiti


 October 2018


Missionaries helping missionaries. Ministries helping ministries. That's how the Body of Christ functions. 

A BIG GOD BLESS and THANK YOU to all the guys who work so hard in the  gardens Jocelyn Azeme, Brunot Jean,

 Jodelyn Borgella and Richard. Also thank you to David Balsbaugh with  Hope Seeds for supplying all the seeds and 

 Paul Maggard with Ragged Edge Ministries for the fruit tree nursery recently built.

 Ministries working together is a beautiful thing to behold ! 

Psalm139LOVE Shade House #2 Completed

Future Home of the Psalm139LOVE Agricultural Training Center

The garden is in need of water. We are currently raising funds to drill for a well.

Our Recent Work 2018


Psalm139LOVE and Haitian Hope were very blessed to have Ron Lusk and Ben Fry from SUSTAINABLE FOOD PRODUCTION on our recent trip to Haiti. They were referred to me from Rad Hazelip of Love-a-Child where they have built 8 shade houses. In this video Ron Lusk talks about all the benefits the shade house will provide. Thank you God for such a wonderful blessing.


Psalm139LOVE mission team, Haitian Hope team, Ron Lusk and Ben Fry from SUSTAINABLE FOOD PRODUCTION, John Draxton and more all gathered together at the completion of the Shade House to dedicate it to The Lord and sing a song of praise. What a sweet time of fellowship and thanksgiving for what God is doing in Monac, Haiti!​


 Mission Trip Feb 27-Mar 5, 2018

We have been sooo blessed to have Ben Fry and Ron Lusk of #sustainablefoodproduction  come on our mission trip to build a shade house for GRAS Li gardens in Monac. Brunot Jean Borgella Jodelin Jocelyn Azeme Frednel D. Antoine and Richard were excellent helpers on this project to the point they can probably build another one on our own!  This will be a huge help in allowing our plants to start out and not get scorched by the hot sun. Thank you Rad Hazelip of Love-a-Child for referring these two hardworking men of God to come with us. John Draxton of North Dakota and his two boys Cody and Bernt flew into Port Au Prince and  drove up to visit us, see the shade house and take a look at what we are doing.  John works in the Leoganne area and is the president of IFOUSD which you should also check out . Thank you Michael Leo for the introduction.



Recently Jocelyn Azeme, our agronomist with Haitian HOPE 

, was awarded a $500 scholarship by Rad Hazelip,

 of Love-a-Child, to attend their three week intensive training in Fond Parisienne . 

 An agronomist studies the numerous ways plants can

 be cultivated, genetically altered,and utilized to our advantage.

While Jocelyn was in training, he learned how to work in the shade house you see pictured.

 The shade house is 10 feet high, 18 feet wide and 40 feet long 

with a UV screen that has a 50% sun block rate. 

This makes a wonderful place for a vegetable nursery where the young 

seedlings thrive before they get transplanted into regular gardens.

Rad put Ron Lusk, the man who built the shade houses for Love-a-Child, 

in touch with me. He and co-instructor, Ben, will be coming with us on

 the next mission trip to build a shade house for our garden in Monac!

Ron Lusk’s ministry is Sustainable Food Production.

They specialize in teaching gardening techniques, 

researching new and better crops, providing quality, and non-GMO seeds. 

They also minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is a huge blessing as their charity provides this for us free of charge. 

The shade house will take about 4 days to build and will be

 a wonderful addition to our ever-growing gardens!

God just continues to smile upon us

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