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Our 5 Dedicated Haitian Staff 

We are so blessed to find such dedicated workers with a heart for their people and the willingness to

to continue the projets that we started to benefit the community. 

Jodelin Borgella

Garden Keeper

Jodelin Borgella is studying to be an agronomist with Jocelyn Azeme and

 Jean Brunot at UCCC in Bohoc . He is active in working in  GRAS Li Gardens but his main goal is to help the surrounding communities build Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation Systems Gardens. 

He also tends to the nursery , harvests the vegetables and sells them at market .

We have gardens in Monac, Bohoc , Pignon , Cayarond and La Victoire. 

Brunot Jean

Garden Keeper

Brunot Jean studies at UCCC Bohoc /Caiman with Jocelyn and Jodelin and works well with this team. He is a fabulous driver of BIG RED for God which is our 3 wheel motorcycle that has a metal bed to transport all the tools and kits needed to build gardens plus take the veggies to market to sell.

He shares his knowledge and works on building the Chapin Living Waters Drip Irrigation gardens and tends to the nursery where our veggies grow from the seeds donated to us by Hope Seeds in Bradenton . 



Bisson LOVES to be called  Servite and its so fitting because he has a servants heart. He is happy working in the garden, cutting cactus down to make fences, getting water for our showers and acting as our security  guard at night. There is nothing he will not do and he does it without being asked. He literally looks for ways to be of help and we adore him.

Madame Elimane

Widow's Helper

Madame Elimane is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. We love having her in our team. She receives a monthly salary plus a $50 monthly stipend ( for food and soap)  for two widows, Madame Madamay and Madame Misilia,and one widower Oldabert Valcourt by cooking food 3 times a week, fetching  water at the new well and washing their clothes at the river. 

These three elderly widows are completely alone with no family. They've been relying on the help from their neighbors who are just as poor and with families.

 In Haiti there is no government help, no Medicare and nowhere to turn to if you are elderly with no family.  I've seen the two widows Madame Elimane takes care of and they are so grateful with the one of them practically knocking me over from hugging me so much when I saw her this last trip. We just added Oldabert this past October 2019  after hearing about his living conditions.

Augustave Anson

In Country coordinator

Anson is such a valuable member of the Psalm 139 Love team and has recently become a board member for the charity. He has just finished law school and helps out with any contracts that are needed. He has an firm grasp of both Haitian and American cultures and speaks excellent english for translating. Anson also conducts all of the monthly meetings with the Haitian team. 

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