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Widow's Luncheon
Every mission trip, we have a big widow's luncheon complete with 
singing, preaching, testifying, eating, dancing and having sweet fellowship.

Be sure to check out our widow videos

Meet Widow Madame Concilia

Widow Madame Conclia is one of the widows that 

widow Madame Elimane is taking care of. 

Meet Widow Madame Elimane

Psalm139LOVE has hired Madame Elimane to help to other widows by washing their clothes, cooking for them and fetching water. Thank The Lord Madame Elimane is in good health and so very happy to have a job and to help others. She has such a servants heart! 

Widows in Monac/Bohoc


Widow's Luncheons

2017- Widow's Luncheon in Bohoc/Monac

We always give the widows a big luncheon complete with a preaching, singing, testifying  and eating. After all that widows are ready to dance and fellowship.  The music IS Haitian Christian music. The widow's look forward to it every year.  We enjoy loving on them and they love on us. 

2017- Widow Madame Concilla

Madame Concilia is one of the two widows in Widows Ministry of Bohoc who are completely alone with no family and no government assistance. Before we hired Madame Elimane to cook,fetch water and wash their clothes in the river they relied on neighbors to help. In this short video you'll hear how she's been blessed by having Madame Elimane help her out .

2017 - Bon Samaritan Widow's Luncheon

The widows of Bohoc lead by Madame Gabriel, Madame Clayman and Madame Layosteen really now how to glorify the Lord in worship! They about wore me out -no joke!
We had the gospel message, a meal with chicken, rice and plantains plus music and dancing. Love these ladies!!

2017- Dancing with The Widows

It's Widow Luncheon time with the widows from Bohoc, Haiti. After their luncheon, they have praise and worship and a time to dance. It keeps them young. The mission team is dancing with them.

2017- Widow Madame Concilla

Every year when our team goes down to Haiti, we like to have a big widows luncheon for the widows in the Monac/Bohoc region. We have anywhere from 30-80 widows that come. We feed them a hot meal of chicken, rice and veggie from the garden. There's a time for a devotion and testifying, singing and yes even dancing. Before they leave, they are given a gift bag to take home...usually useful items they might need at home.

2017- Widow Gardens w/Drip Irrigation

Psalm139LOVE has partnered with Chapin Living Waters and Hope Seeds to provide drip irrigation gardens and seeds for the widows to grow their own food! With no government assistance available each person has to take care of themselves and the gardens provide not only food to eat but to sell.

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