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A Testimony How God Blesses in Most Unusual Ways.

A testimony that God truly does order our steps...even our church seats! 


     On October 15th God answered one of my biggest prayers to date and we were given a 1970 American General Military transport truck also known as a deuce and half!!! We have affectionately named it “The General for God.”

      There was a need that pressed on my heart and that was a way to transport people to a hospital or clinic. Pastor Heriveau told me that when someone was sick they would tie that person to a chair with ropes and four men would each grab a leg of the chair and proceed to try and walk the three hours to the nearest clinic. He then told me that many people would literally die on the side of the road because they couldn’t make it in time. I was horrified as I had never heard of anything like this. 

     At this point, I started asking God for a truck so we could transport people. NOBODY should die on the side of the road. We really needed a truck. This was my continual prayer day in and day out.

     On October 15th we were at church during a minister and leaders conference when the Pastor asked the crowd who was believing for a car or vehicle. I took my husband’s hand. He grinned at me and I said we are believing for a truck for the ministry!

      About ten minutes later, the woman next to us (Christine Quinn) asked us if we needed a vehicle. I then told her that we needed a truck for Haiti and relayed to her the info about the situation in Cayhonde. I also told her that it would transport our mission teams, haul all our items for our ever-growing gardens as well as carry goats and tin for roofs. I also said when we aren’t there we should be able to rent it out to other mission teams and start getting some income in not only for the Ministry to continue projects but also supply a job for a driver and salaries for our board members in Haiti which have been working for free the whole time. In fact, neither my husband nor I, take a salary. We all volunteer our time.

     Before the church service was over she has bought, "The General" for us!! To be honest, I simply didn’t know what to believe because it happened so fast! I couldn’t really get excited until I saw it with my own eyes and the paperwork was In Psalm139LOVE’s name and we would be driving it.

     We finally were able to drive 3.5 hours north to Live Oak and pick it up. I can’t begin to tell you the abundant amount of joy that bubbled up out of me!! I was screaming my heart out giving Glory to God!

     You see I was upset that church day because my husband was running late. We were seated in a section we were unfamiliar with. Christine felt lead by God to go to the church that day (it is NOT her regular church) and was seated on the exact opposite side of the church. She said it didn’t feel right so she asked if she could move. In the meantime, the woman that was next to my husband during praise and worship literally got up and left and the usher sat Christine next to us. The moment she sat down, Christine heard The Holy Spirit say “YOU NEED TO BLESS THIS COUPLE!!!” She looked at us and thought we looked well put together and wondered what we could possibly need. She was somewhat surprised when we raised our hand saying we needed a vehicle. She had actually planned on giving us her BMW until we told her we needed a truck 

     Don’t ever give up on God because in due season you will reap the reward! Thank You Jesus!

Thank you and God Bless you!

Amanda Backensto Pecott

Meet Our Newest Blessing..."The General for God" 


Meet"The General for God"a very generous donation Christmas 2017 for ministry in Haiti

The General is a 1970 American General Military Transport Vehicle deuce and a half with cover!! The General will be used for all kinds of projects from picking up missionaries and freight at the Pignon (cow pasture) airstrip landing and take them where they need to go. The General can transport the sick to the hospital miles and miles away. The General can be used to haul construction material, goats and crops for market. The General can be rented out with our driver for other mission teams. God blessed us with The General. We pray it will be used for His Glory!

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