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Happy Faces in Haiti

2017 - Paul Pecott Opens a new RumFish Grill & Smokehouse in Haiti....j/k

2017 New RumFish Grill & Smokehouse in Haiti?? LOL

Paul opens a new restaurant in Haiti. Just kidding.

 Actually Paul brings awareness to the cooking conditions in Haiti. 

2017 - New RumFish Grill..outdoor cooking

Paul opens a new restaurant Haitian Rumfish at the Bohoc Market and hires Gail Bain to be his manager. We like to have a little fun on our mission trips!! 


Misc and Fun Videos

2018 - Taking a Ride in "Big Red for God"

We have been blessed with a 3 wheel motorcycle that has a steel carrying bed that is used to not only transport all of our garden equipment, tin for roofs, goats and chickens , freight , but it can also hold up to 7 people!

2018 - Visiting Gemel Bakery

Our team consisting of me, Angie Priest, Yvonne  King, Cindy  Lancaster, Gail Bain and Sandy Mullens plus our friend and translator Previlus Diranot visited Gemel at his bakery  (I did a video last visit with him) We had a great time! 


2017 - Take a Drive Through Hinche, Haiti

When I was with my ministry partners in Bohoc Haiti last March 2017 we went in a 5.5 hour trip to Leoganne and on our way went through the bustling big town of Hinche. A far cry from the countryside where I spend all my time. I was in Hinche in 2008 and hadn't been's CRAZY driving there!

2017 - Getting Gas in Haiti

No typical gas stations in remote regions of Haiti such as Bohoc or Monac. So this is how they have to gas up.

2017 - Motorcycle Ride From Bohoc Market

2016 - Arts & Crafts with The Cooks

Angie has been coming to Haiti since 2007 and has formed friendships with all of the cooks at United Christian International (UCI). She wanted to have a craft for them to participate in. They really enjoyed it. 

2018 - Making Greeting Cards

We had a great time in Monac with the kids..including BIG kids who really got into painting some unique one of a king greeting cards .

I’m always looking for new projects, that are fun, and not break the bank as I try to be a wise steward of the money that comes in for mission trips 

2016 - Arts & Crafts with The Cooks

Psalm139LOVE was blessed to have the money for a well covering donated by Jeanette Secor, who is a Lawyer in St Petersburg Florida. She was so impressed with the charity that she had an article submitted about us and Haitian Hope that was published in 

July  2017. In this video I show the children whose pictures were in the magazine all of their photos. They really got a kick out of it! 

2017 - Now I Am The Missionary at Camp Sychar

I was called to Missions when I was nine years old.  Each year it was always confirmed in my heart on Missions Day when I heard the missionary speaking in the tabernacle at Camp Sychar. I've come full circle and now I'm the missionary at Camp sharing with everyone what Jesus has called me to do and I LOVE it!

2017 - Amanda & "Mom"

Cute video of me and mom - 

what a precious woman of God she is. 

2017 - Madame Elimane

Psalm 139 Love has hired Madame Elimane to take care of two widows who are completely alone with no family and no government help. She cooks for them 3 times a week, fetches water for them and also washes their clothes at the river. In this short fun video I'm at the river washing clothes with her. 

2017 - Short Fun Video of 2017 Mission Trip

Just a short fun video of mission trip 2017!

2017 - Psalm139LOVE

Psalm139LOVE is a ministry that strives to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus in developing countries namely Haiti. Thank you for your generous support to bring life changing, life saving projects to remote villages in Haiti. God bless you. Thank you for watching our video!

2016 - Mission Trip w/ United Christian International

Amanda's mission trip to Bohoc and Monac, Haiti with United Christian International.

2016 - Mission Trip w/ UCI

Another 2016 mission trip video Amanda made with 

United Christian International

Psalm139LOVE ~ Haiti Mission Trip ~ 2017 

Former Voodoo Witch Doctor Gives His Testimony of Coming to Jesus

PART 1 - Former Voodoo Witch Doctor's 

Testimony - Meet Pastor Dabou

Former voodoo witch doctor, Pastor Dabou, shares how Jesus came and revealed Himself to him. He has only a 2nd grade education and couldn't read until JESUS gave him a supernatural gift. Pastor  Dabou can only read the Bible because anything other than Gods Word is a complete jumble to him ! An amazing testimony of Gods love and Mercy

PART 2 - Former Voodoo Witch Doctor's 

Testimony - Meet Pastor Dabou

Former voodoo witch doctor, Pastor Dabou, shares how Jesus came and revealed Himself to him. He has only a 2nd grade education and couldn't read until JESUS gave him a supernatural gift.  Pastor Dabou can only read the Bible because anything other than Gods Word is a complete jumble to him ! An amazing testimony of Gods love and Mercy

Haitian Life Tourists Never See


When Team Member Cindy Lancaster and I went on a prayer walk with Pastor Arias,  we stopped by a house to visit. I asked this precious man (husband/father) where he would go when he died and he said he didn’t know. I explained the plan of Salvation to him and how Jesus died on the cross for His sins and it was a free gift but he had to invite Jesus into his heart. Both he and the young man said they were ready. They had smiles in their face. This is what missions is truly about!


Psalm 139LOVE  have been able to raise $230 for this precious woman who just had twins. She has two other children as well and was recently abandoned by her husband in the middle of the night never to return. Thanks to the generous donations that we  were able to  buy all the items you see in the video plus we have saved some in an account for her for next month food allotment and money in case she needs to take the twins to the doctor. Praise God we were also able to provide her with a tin roof. Please pray for LouLouse.


When in Haiti, we love to treat the children to one of their favorite things...a simple peanut butter sandwich! But no store bought bread here. We support the local bakery. Come take a look inside at the HOMEMADE BREAD!! 


We've been blessed with an awesome donation of a three-wheel motorcyle "cart" which has been a tremendous help to our Haitian employees who take care of the community garden, the widows gardens, to pick up and deliver tin for roofs, and also to be use to take the sick to the nearest hospital which is hours away by foot.  


While out on a prayer walk in Monac, I met Veronique, who lives in a small one room home with a few children. Her husband, Gustav, and her moved to this area after the earthquake destroyed their home in 2010. Unfortunately there is no work for him in this area. He is in Port Au Prince trying to work to provide for his family but has since burned his arm and can’t work. I know she must spend a lot of lonely nights. I pray this brings her comfort. And we pray her husband can find employment. The unemployment rate is so extremely high in Haiti. So many families in need. Please help us to help them! 


Psalm 139LOVE  has expanded into a new village!!

We have Fednet Louis to thank for this! Fednet is an Agriculture student with a BIG plot of land and an even BIGGER heart!

He has allowed ten families to have a Chapin Living Waters drip irrigation garden in his backyard. He knows the struggle of his people. In this video, he explains that he's heard about these systems and wanted to find them. Praise The Lord comes along  Borgella ,Jodelin and Brunot Jean

 ( 2 of our full time employees) and offers them to Fednet and along with Jocelyn Azeme, they've already built 10!

Thank you Doug Carlson and Bethany from Hope Seeds for supplying the needs to this community . Even better..see all the barren land in the picture behind Fednet? It’s all his property and he is allowing us to build more gardens for even more families! I brought 20 drip tape kits with me that will go up there. He then took us next door to his nursery where he also has a compost station.Thank you Fednet for your love ,compassion , and willingness to share with the community! 


Psalm 139LOVE would like to  thank everyone who has donated for a tin roof and praise God, we have had 25 tin roofs put up so far in the area of Monac and Cayarond Haiti. This families plight has really broke my heart because when I saw this video I see no real home, no protection at all. Wilnot told me the landlord saw that the house was crumbling and was worried it would fall on them and he would get in trouble so he had it knocked down. At least they have a tin roof but they have no other protection but the one wall on the left side and 14 people live here. We can provide homes for about $6,000 and are praying we can start to get some grant money coming in so we can provide the basic need of safe shelter. Want to know more ? Go to and message me there or friend me on Facebook Amanda Backensto Pecott and “like” my Facebook page Psalm139LOVE.


Psalm 139LOVE has a widows luncheon every time we go to Bohoc and sometimes throughout the year at special occasions. We usually have about 70-100 of the widows /widowers come to the Bon Samaritan church for fellowship, feasting, dancing and the gospel message .

This is a cute fun video to show you what the kitchen looks like and give you an idea of what cooking is like there as they have no electricity to be able to use a stove.


We had a great time in Monac with the kids..including BIG kids who really got into painting some unique one of a kind greeting cards .

I’m always looking for new projects, that are fun, and not break the bank as I try to be a wise steward of the money that comes in for mission trips 


Hope Seeds had a fundraiser May 1, 2018 where a team of volunteers came and packed seeds that would be going out to many missionaries in the countries they serve . These seeds are used not only to be able to start gardens and feed families but to be a witness for Jesus Christ. Each package comes with a gospel tract and has a retail value of $25 . Bethany thought it would be extra special to have a Missionary at the event who could talk about how valuable the seeds are and asked me to be the featured guest.  Hope Seeds has donated 200 packets to 

Psalm139LOVE for a retail values of $5,000!

We love Hope Seeds and are so thankful!

Cooking in Haiti

Cooking in Haiti

Amanda is helping "Mom" make juice.

A Cooking Center is soon to be a reality!!

2017 - Cooking Conditions in Monac

Amanda tours the current cooking center and it's terrible cooking conditions.  Funds have been raised to build a better cooking center. 

Making Life Better

Cement Floors

So many home have dirt floors and palm leaf roof making their floor very muddy during the rainy season. There is a need for both...cement floors and tin for roofs. 

Tin for Roofs

Many homes have only palm leaves for their roof making it very messing when it rains. Couple that with dirt floors, it's terrible living conditions. There is a need for both...tin for roofs and cement floors. 

Blessing of a Goat

Goats are very important to have in rural Haiti. The milk is excellent for babies and growing children. They can also breed the nanny's to sell the

 kids (baby goats) at the market for income for the family.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

This is a real life Saul to Paul testimony of a former high priest voodoo witch doctor who gave his life to Jesus. This is a man who use to operate heavily under satanic power. Now he is set free and telling others of Jesus. Praise The Lord!!  Pray for the people in Haiti. 

Richard Gets a Tarp for His Roof

 and a Garden

Richard's house only had palm leaves for his roof. During the rainy season, his dirt floors become mud. Psalm139LOVE decided to tarp his roof AND plant a garden with Chapin Living Waters drip irrigation system.

Richard Gets a New Tin Roof

Psalm139LOVE (Amanda) played a trick on Richard. They tarped his roof and he was happy but then this  happens. LOL He has such a sweet spirit and because of his good attitude Psalm139LOVE has hired him to work in the gardens. He now has a job to help his family!

Psalm139LOVE Making a Difference

Psalm139LOVE is all about making a difference in the lives of people living in very remote villages in Haiti. It is our goal to win them to Jesus and to enhance and make better living conditions for those in need. We minister to the lost, the saved, the sick, the widows, the orphans and children. If you would like to help us in our mission, we would be so grateful. 


Jeanette Secor, a Lawyer in St Petersburg Florida (USA), was so impressed with what 

The Lord was doing in Haiti through Psalm139LOVE charity that she made a generous

 donation for a well-house for the new well installed in Monac, Haiti. 

She also submitted our name for an article published in Tierra Vierde Living Magazine, July 2017.

In this video, I show the children their pictures in the magazine. They really got a kick out of it!

Children see themselves in the Tierra Vierde Living Magazine

Well Covering Completed!! 

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