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This is one of our 3 main areas of emphasis. The most recent project we built an Agricultural Training Center which started in January 2018. This training center has had a well drilled that is solar-powered with a tower that was built to hold 600 and 200-gallon water tanks that are hooked up to a farm grade irrigation system. Also installed was a hoop greenhouse, a shade house, a goat farm, chicken coop and we just started with rabbits. There have been 2 seminars help there since it started that have provided knowledge as well as supplies such as seeds and drip irrigation kits to these well-attended events. What was recently barren land is now a flourishing garden and it is our vision to duplicate this in other villages. A big thank  you goes out to Pastor Danny Hodges of Calvary Chapel Fellowship & Paul Maggard of Ragged Edge Ministries for the well.

December 2019

Great news! The goat farm at the Agricultural Training Center is beginning to have babies. We purchased 12 goats to get started 2 each for the gentleman that works for us, all females, and one male goat as they are much more expensive.  Our first additions were the twins Jacob and Esau. The beauty is that they are both male goats.

This little guy is our latest addition. Look at those unique markings that he has looking very cool indeed. He has been aptly named Patches and continues the blessings of male goats joining our goat farm. We pray that the blessings keep coming.


Our new male stud goat 🐐 ( kibrit )for our goat farm.

We drive over to Many hands for Hait which is close by as Fednet Louis has been discussing with Claudin which one to buy.

Paul Pecott Josh Leventhal and I met

Darryl DeRuiter, his wife Shelly DeRuiteras as well as Liz Clarke who works there full time on our last trip.

Winnie Saringo Ashwood is our “goat 🐐whisperer”

and has raised funds for many goats in the past and this trip. She names each one and this is dedicated to those who work with her at David YURMAN in Florida.

We bought 12 female goats and the guys will be selling the milk and breeding the goats which will bring in income. Much like starting a small business. 

Agricultural Training Seminar

Our 2nd annual PSALM 139 LOVE ATC seminar was a huge success and we have had MANY of the agronomists messaging me and the guys to let us know how much they learned and how grateful they were.

Our speakers were really insightful Fednet Louis, Jocelyn Azeme, Samuel and Josias J. Romeus of Hope Seeds from Gonaives.Hope Seedswe couldn’t be more grateful for your partnership with us and in donating sooo many valuable seeds that are “teaching a man to fish” or to garden in this example. I explained that each would only get one packet of seeds however if they send pictures of them using the seeds we can give them more.

The Mayor of Pignon, Nicholas Victorin (in the video speaking ). stopped by to visit and shared how valuable the ministry of  Psalm139LOVE was to his area. He is a personal friend of ours and shares his wisdom and insight  with us often.

Upon graduation, each attendant of the seminar got a Hope seeds bag ( thank you David-Maxine Balsbaugh) a family packet of seeds and a certificate. It was like a graduation ceremony! Really a lot of fun calling each up to receive it.

In Haiti, many can’t afford to go to school so a certificate is very valuable and extremely important while going on a job interview.

Winnie Saringo Ashwood and Jeanne Barr packed the bags up and Gail Bain wrote out the certificates with her beautiful handwriting. Borgella Jodelin Brunot Jean Augustave Anson Frednel D. Antoine Donacien Azelin, Barnabas Formilus and Pastor Erivu all worked on many aspects as well as Bisson. #Psalm139LOVE #HopeSeeds #agriculture #missions #missionarygirl



Future Home of the Agricultural Training Center - Pignon, Haiti

COMPLETED October 2018


Missionaries helping missionaries. Ministries helping ministries. That's how the Body of Christ functions. 

A BIG GOD BLESS and THANK YOU to all the guys who work so hard in the  gardens Jocelyn Azeme, Brunot Jean,

 Jodelyn Borgella and Richard. Also thank you to David Balsbaugh with  Hope Seeds for supplying all the seeds and 

 Paul Maggard with Ragged Edge Ministries  for the fruit tree nursery recently built.

 Ministries working together is a beautiful thing to behold ! 

Love-A-Child ~ Agriculture Training