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Medical & Vision Clinic

100's of reading and prescription eyeglasses were donated.

We held an eyeglass clinic and let them pick out what works best for them.

We also had over 100 lbs of over-the-counter medicine to give to those in need.

2017 - Medical & Vision Clinic ~ Cayhonde, Haiti

Amanda gives you a tour of the medical and vision clinic held at the church in Cayhonde, Haiti.  We had a nurse on our team and she assisted with the medical students with Haitian Hope. Our team was helping with the vision find just the right pair of glasses for their need. 

2017 - Vision Clinic Testimonial

What a blessing for so many to receive free glasses! So many need glasses but are miles and miles away from an eye doctor and they have very very little money and  no means of transportation to get there. 


Medical and Eye Clinics

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